Admission and administrative procedures

We created a practical guide for international students containing all relevant information for their mobility: administrative formalities, information about the university and courses, clues for daily life

  1. I have been accepted, what next
  2. What documents do I need to bring with me

I have been accepted, what next

To come to study in Rennes as an exchange student, you must be accepted by your home university for a mobility in Rennes.

1. Your home university informs us by e-mail about your nomination.

2. Then we send you an e-mail including :

  •  instructions to apply online to the University
  • forms to fill to apply for a room in a residential hall, for free French courses and for a monitor
  • relevant information to prepare your stay

3. Fill in the online application form and send us back filled forms before

  • May 15th for fall semester and full academic year
  • October 31th for spring semester

4. We inform you if your request for a room in a residential hall is accepted at the beginning of July.

5. Prepare your journey to arrive in Rennes before September 1st.

What documents do I need to bring with me

You will need some documents for your final application in Rennes :

  • an identity document (ID card or passport)
  • an ID photo
  • the European health insurance card if you come from a European country (you can ask for it online to your national health insurance provider before your journey); Non-European students will have to pay for health insurance once in Rennes (about 215€)
  • any insurance document prooving that you are covered in France

As an exchange student, there will be no extra cost when you register to our university. The final registration is free.

You can ask for a monitor at any time to help you with various administrative procedures: opening a bank account, subscribing to an insurance for health or accomodation...

To ask for a monitor, contact the international office of the Faculty in advance.