Admission and application process

  1. Selection criteria
  2. Application process
  3. Schedule

Selection criteria

  • Proficiency in Economics, General Management and Quantitative skills

You must have at least two years of undergraduate studies in those fields. We will consider the average of your grades from the last three years as well as the grades of specific courses.

  • Proficiency in English

You need a certificate showing a minimum B2 proficiency level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference, CEFR).

A minimum score of one of the following tests equivalent to:
- IELTS: 5.5
- TOEIC: greater than 750
- TOEFL: between 72 and 94

Certificate should be taken at most 2 years before application for the program.
The language test in English is not mandatory if you are a Native English speaker.


Application process

1. Application form

Whatever your current residence country, you have to apply via our application form:

We require the following documents:

  • Duly filled application form; photo
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter written in English explaining the reasons why you are applying to the  program
  • English-proficiency certificate
  • Detailed transcript of records and certified copy of previous degrees
  • Photocopy of passport or ID
  • Optionally: reference letters and other documents showing your previous achievements

We can ask for an additional interview (via Skype or other video call appliance).

Please contact us for any inquiry:

2. Campus France

If you reside in one of the countries listed below, you will also have to apply for admission via the official government’s website for foreign students:

Algeria / Argentina / Benin / Brazil / Burkina / Cameroon / Canada / Chile / China / Colombia / Congo / South Korea / Ivory Coast / United States / Gabon / Guinea / India / Japan / Lebanon / Madagascar / Mali / Morocco / Mauritius / Mexico / Peru / Russia / Senegal / Syria / Taiwan / Tunisia / Turkey / Vietnam

If you need help with the Campus France application process, please contact your local French embassy or Campus France office for advice and guidance.

Both direct applications to the Faculty of Economics and Campus France procedure should be conducted in parallel.



Application from January to the end of May, to enter the program in September.
We commit to an early decision policy: once completed, applications are evaluated regularly so as to send feedback at most two weeks after completion.
Feedbacks are sent via e-mail.
At any stage, you can ask about your application by emailing .