The Faculty of Economics

The reputation of the Faculty of Economics is that of a strong institution that provides quality education. Foreign students will be able to benefit from all the advantages of great teaching whilst learning French and English and enjoying their stay.

Faculté des sciences économiques - Rennes 1

The Faculty of Economics is situated in the Town Center, right next to the Place Sainte-Anne. The buildings have a distinctive architecture, particularly the "Cloître", the Faculty’s historical building, where the library is located.

The Faculty regroups teaching and research in economics and is part of research labs like the CREM or the CEREQ.

Courses are numerous and ensure that students meet the requirements of companies. Students will be able to acquire knowledge in fields such as Economics, Management, but also Law, Marketing, Statistics…

Each year, the Faculty of Economics welcomes around:

  • 1,300 students in bachelors courses, 10% from abroad
  • 700 students in masters courses, 12% from abroad
  • 45 PhD students, 50% from abroad
  • 25 to 30 international visiting professors each year to develop collaboration in research and teaching

Our Faculty offers:

  • more than 70 international destinations: 75 outgoing students and 85 incoming students from exchange programs each year
  • 5 exchange programs including 5 double degrees
  • one international section on one of our Bachelor degrees


Keys facts:

  • 2711 students (1413 Bachelors, 749 Masters, 26 PHD, 391 distance learning , others 132)
  • 3 Bachelors, 8 Masters/16 specialties
  • 92 Professors and 350 external Professors
  • Member of 2 research units
  • 1 Bloomberg  trading room, 1 experimental economics laboratory
  • Student professional integration: Master (91%), PhD  (92%)
  • Strong links with business world