Our degrees taught in French

The Faculty of Economics offers a wide range of training courses in various fields at bachelor's, master's and PhD degree level: banking, finance, economic, statistics...

The faculty offers the following bachelor's degrees:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management, International track
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computing Applied to Social and Human Sciences (MIASHS), which develops in-depth knowledge of mathematics and statistics applied to economics.

At master's level, our offer is organised around 6 teaching-research poles:

  • Public Economics and Management
  • Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Production Management, Logistics and Purchasing
  • Money, Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Management and Innovation
  • Management of SMEs-SMIs
  • Applied Mathematics, Statistics

All the degrees offered by the Faculty.

The courses offered are highly qualifying and therefore guarantee our students an excellent head start in their careers.