Selin Yardimci loves living in Rennes

"I think you have to come to Rennes to study, because it's a lively city that offers many opportunities for students!"

  1. What about the Breton culture?
  2. Studying in Rennes

I think Rennes is a very comfortable city for students. Everyday life in Rennes is adapted to the lives and schedules of students.
We can benefit from several very useful services to help us settle, such as the CMI (international mobility center).
I easily found accommodation in Rennes thanks to the services dedicated to students. But we must pay attention to the dates, not to miss the housing offers.

What about the Breton culture?

I love Breton architecture! In the future I would like to buy a house in Rennes!

Champ Jacquet Square

I also love galettes (Breton specialty)! I eat it once a week, it's my new habit!
Moreover, I have a small kitchen in my house and usually I prepare my dishes at home, but I think you can always find delicious food at the university restaurant.

Studying in Rennes

At the Faculty of Economics, I learn the basis for my future job and I find opportunities to realize my projects. I am a foreign student but this is not an obstacle for me. I can ask any questions I have, and the teachers always answer me, very patiently. My favorite subjects are mathematics and statistics.

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